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ATTENTION ALL EARTHCLAN CATS. The power cats have been chosen and the prophecy has been chosen (check the tabs for details).

-Apprentices should find mentors who are trained already; AKA don't pick a brand new cat to be your mentor.

-Dawnflower has been chosen to receive the prophecy. We have chosen the final entry into the prophecy. Changes will be made to accomodate the prophetic cats.

PROPHECY CATS! You are to stay active or your position will be given to someone else.

-Got any Questions you want answered? Put them in Firestar's Den.

Camp Clearing

When you walk inside, you see everything that you need to know about how we live. The Dens are well-organized; a home for every rank of cat. The scents are full of life now, because many cats live here. No rogues, loners, or kittypets will have an easy time trotting into the Camp, because it is guarded with tall, large thorn vines and branches that connect to trees and bushes; a safe wall for the Camp. A great wall of thorns and brambles shield our Camp from dogs, foxes, and large patrols of strange cats. Guards await their positions at the front of the Camp's Tunnel. The smells of New-leaf are fresh and relaxing. EarthClan cats fight for their lives, living together and protecting one another under the laws that are the Warrior Code.

Are You One?

High Rock

Where cats are appointed ceremonies. I, Firestar, will be atop the rock, ready for your ceremony. When I call you, you come up to the top, and I will do your ceremony. If you aren't on enough, you won't get your ceremony as quick as others. If you are an Apprentice about to have their Ceremony, your Ceremonial Warrior Name will be chosen by any of the following: Birth parents, Mentor, or the myself. If none are chosen, then I will ask you personally what you'd like for your name to be before your Ceremony happens.